Nominate A Veteran


We would like to say….


The recipient must have been born or raised in North Dakota if serving in regular military services,  living in North Dakota at time of enlistment, or have been enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard or Reserves and:

  • Was wounded/injured while on active duty (can be medically documented through VA disability or military medical board results)
  • Is experiencing difficult financial circumstances or has future plans that require funding not currently available through current veterans benefits
  • Has received a discharge under honorable conditions if no longer serving in the military.

The Real American Heroes of North Dakota is a 501c3 organization which is deeply committed to supporting our fellow North Dakotans who have served the military honorably.


Every year we select a North Dakotan who has served honorably in the military and would benefit from some tangible support to achieve their future goals.   The amount awarded will vary by year and will be disbursed throughout the year.  In 2016, the award was $25,000; in 2015 the award was a car and $25,000.

If your family member or you would like to be considered as a recipient, please provide name and contact information (telephone number, e-mail, mailing address) for nominee by:

  • Calling the Secretary at 312-520-1090 or
  • Emailing your name and contact information or nominees name and contact information to or through the Contact Us tab
  • Mailing contact information to Esther Myers, PO Box 516, Beach, ND 58621.

The applications are:

  • Secretary calls applicants to discuss military service and future needs/plans
  • Applications are reviewed by Board of Directors
  • Finalists join a teleconference with Board of Directors
  • Final selection is made by Board of Directors


Each year the Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch holds a concert and camping weekend that is intended to raise funds for this cause.

The award is presented annually during the Real American Jam hosted by Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch.